A creative designer team, who is passionate about life experience and product enhancement, is eager for bringing new brand beauty device to life. A friend daughters ' ballet dancing experience gave them an insight to create an uniquely-designed product, which can provide a duplex way to help your skin and body to relax, making your skin smoother, suppler, and healthier. The first product of Viala(Cleanser and Massager ) will be launched on Kickstarter soon. Thanks for being part of the VIALA journey!

Pursue your dream, be youthful and more beautiful
Vila and her twin sister Anna studied ballet from childhood and dancing brought much pleasure and happiness into their lives. As is the case with many other ballerinas, pursuing an artistic, high quality life is their ultimate goal.


Happiness and troubles
For the 19 year old Vila and Anna, their faces and bodies brought vital beauty to the audience as if they were dancing musical notes. However, the frequent training and public performances meant that their skin condition became worse from the frequent application of makeup and from physical exertion. The bad skin condition affected their dancing performance, and they always complained to their father Edward.

Unconditional love from their father
Edward knew how hard they worked and their skin troubles, which forced him urgently to start researching and developing a skincare cleansing & massaging device that can improve his daughters’ skin complexion and relax the body. In 2016 he worked with a designer, soon the Viala brand was born.

Loving care, let your beauty shine
We hope our story inspires you to be healthier, more confident and elegant. We hope you take care of your skin and alleviate the compounding stresses to your body from exercise and work. We believe our inspired product will let your inner beauty shine. We encourage you join us, and never stop exploring beauty.